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Leonardo da Vinci's Vitruvian Man - The human body

The goal of all medical schools and in some cases those who have research institutions is to teach future physicians and Medical Researchers to precisely delineate and study the complexities of the human body it's components and organs. 

To do this requires that these institutions have access to the human body for examination and study.  They can only accomplish this utilizing a body donation program where individuals can donate their bodies to Medical Science or by families or estates donating a loved one.

No one likes to discuss this but it is a reality of the world in which we live.  If you decide that you want to donate your body to medical science someone has to arrange the transportation and disposition of your donation with all the compassion and respect that you deserve. 



Anatomical Body Donation Program


Since 1978 American Anatomical Transport and its predecessor NY Cremation Service though it's body donation program has transported and cremated over Ten Thousand donors without incident to American Medical Schools and to Caribbean Medical Schools who graduate 35% of American Doctors in the US Healthcare system today.

American Anatomical Transport will assist you and your family to ensure your final directive and your final wishes will happen with all the sensitivity and dignity you deserve.  Performing no medical research itself, American Anatomical Transport will handle the recovery, processing and storing of the body until it is determined where each donation will best support medical research and education.

Then under strict protocols and supervision those who donate their body to science can be assured their anatomical gift will be placed with responsible, respected and well known medical institutions.......more


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